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Hila’s Team

Board of Directors

Hila's Board 2012 From left to right: Ami Steinitz, Sofie Maatok, Ronit Chaham, Ahmed Masarwa, Vered Oppenheimer, Orly Pariente and Ariela Ben Ishay

Ami Steinitz (Chairman) has a BA Art History and is an art collector. He runs a social art workshop for schools in the Ramat Eliahoo neighborhood and is the initiator and promoter of “the school as a cultural campus” program, which advances a multi-disciplinary approach to arts in school. He has been a member of Hila’s board since 2000.

Sophie Maatuk is a salesperson at Maariv newspaper and a mother of six. She has been a Hila activist for more than nine years and is an education activist and head of her school’s Parent Council.

Dr. Ariela Beeri Ben Ishai received her doctorate from Harvard University and wrote her thesis on Kedma School. She is one of the founders of Neve Shalom, has guided Jewish-Arab group meetings for over 20 years, and is the head of the department for group guidance at the multicultural society in Beit Berl College.

Ronit Chaham is a playwright and children’s book author. She runs children’s reading and writing enrichment courses in schools and is a social justice activist.

Ahmed Masarwa owns an office supply shop. He is also a field activist, the coordinator of the local parent group in Ar’ara, a graduate of Hila’s parent empowerment courses, and successfully struggled against the privatization of Ar’ara’s local high school.

Vered Oppenheimer is a PhD Student in Science, Technology and Society works as a research assistant at Tel Aviv University.

Orly Pariente is an Accounting Manager and a School Parent Committee member. She is also active as a “Mother on Street Patrol”, taking care of youth on the streets at night.


Danny Admasu is the Director of Hila. He was previously the manager of the Israeli Association for Ethiopian Jews and when he was younger he worked with Ethiopian youth in Haifa and Tel Aviv.  Danny is still a prominent activist for the rights of Ethiopian Israelis.

Tikva Levi was the director of Hila and an activist for 24 years. She was also the initiator and coordinator of various Mizrahi, Jewish, Arab, and feminist initiatives. She had a BA in Philosophy & Hebrew Literature and an MA in Hebrew Literature from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Tikva passed away August 1st, 2012. She is much missed.

Amichay Yehuda is the Parent Group Coordinator at Hila and has been an activist since 1990. He has a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University. He is also the head of Ashkelon Shore Regional Municipality Parent Forum.

Noga Dagan Buzaglo is the Legal Consultant at Hila and an activist. She has been a social activist in the fields of education and labor since the early 1990’s, and was among the initiators of Kedma School. She is also a researcher and lecturer in Adva Center. Noga has a in MA in Sociology from Hebrew University and a law degree from Tel Aviv University.

Taghrid Sbita is a lawyer and is the Legal Adviser and Group Coordinator for Arabic Speakers at Hila. She also works at KavLaOved. Taghrid has been a human rights activist for many years.

Caroline Freeman is Hila’s Resource Development Coordinator. She studied Computer Science and Ancient History at Stockholm University and has experiences in Human Resource and Management Consulting. She was also the manager of an Internet café for street kids in Sweden.